Kris Shyne

Member of the Month: Kris Shyne


Kris Shyne 




Wayland, MI.

Member Since:

April 27th, 2022.


What do you do when you're not at CFA?

I enjoy spending time camping, riding motorcycles, playing with my two dogs with my beautiful wife of 28 years. I also run a nonprofit organization called one of many veterans UMC. We help local veterans that need help of any kind.

What led you to Crossfit and CFA specifically?

I spent a year at planet fitness and wanted more. I chose to come to CFA based on the reviews, & the testimonials on the website.

When did you realize that CrossFit is right for you?

After my first work out with Josh and Kate.

Do you remember your first WOD?

No, but I do remember my first group class. I had my shorts on backwards and Josh kindly let me know. LOL!


What movement do you despise over everything and why?

Power cleans. My elbows are Horrible.


What has been your all-time favorite moment at CFA?

My first real class, and Ted introduced himself right away. Really helped me with my nerves and made me feel at home and welcome.

What motivates you during a tough workout?

The feeling of accomplishment at the end


If you could write your own workout for a day, what would it be?


30 squat cleans, 30 Burpee‘s over the bar, 30 box jumps, 30 shoulder overhead, 30 double unders, 30 pull-ups, 30 thrusters


What are your goals going forward and what do you think will help you achieve them?

to keep getting more fit and living a healthy life. I will continue to train hard, listen to our coaches and have fun doing it.


What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness or just day to day life since starting CrossFit (before/after?) 


I feel stronger, faster, my shoulder and knee injuries Don’t hurt as much. I have more energy, work has been much better as I talk about CFA so much. My employees are starting to work out.


What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out with CrossFit?

listen to your coaches and leave your ego at the door and most important, Have fun.



If you could have one skill or characteristic of another member at CFA what and from whom would it be? Or which other CFA member are you the most motivated by? 

I would say coach Dave motivates me the most. I love his coaching style, he has a similar backstory on losing weight and getting in shape.

Quick Questions

Favorite Cheat meal: Scribbs pizza

Favorite Workout Song: 50 Cent, InDa Club

Favorite Place You Have Traveled: Thailand

Favorite TV Show:  YellowStone

Favorite CrossFit Athlete (if any): Jason Grubb

Coach's comment:

If you have been in the gym within the last 9 months it's a safe bet you have met Kris. He is super friendly and encouraging to everyone not to mention he has a great work ethic. Before starting with us, he committed to getting healthy and was able to lose around 75 pounds on his own. Since joining CFA he has consistently been getting stronger, faster and more mobile. Kris epitomizes what we believe in at CFA; show up, work hard, make some friends and have fun. We are thankful he walked through our doors in April and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!

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