Leah Girard

Member of the Month: Leah Girard


Leah Girard 




Eastpointe, MI.

Member Since:

I joined CFA back in 2016.


What was your athletic background, if any?

High school Sports: Softball & Volleyball.

What do you do when you're not at CFA?

When I’m not at CFA, I’m working full time at 5/3rd Ballpark for the West Michigan Whitecaps. I also work part-time for DeVries Landscape shoveling snow as a Crew Lead Supervisor, and then I run Faith & Fitness Co. (my 501(c)3 registered nonprofit) where we provide free faith and fitness training. Our mission is to strengthen the Body of Christ to spread the gospel and strengthen the community. 

When did you realize that CrossFit is right for you?

I knew Crossfit was right for me when I didn’t want to come back after the first class. I am my own worst enemy and when I found a fitness program that would challenge me and help me test my limits… I knew Crossfit was the program for me.

Do you remember your first WOD?

Yes… My first WOD included wallballs and I swear I gave myself exercised induced asthma during the workout! I couldn’t wash my hair for a week.  

What is your favorite or least favorite WOD/movement?

My least favorite movement are wallballs and pull-ups. My favorite movement are cleans. 

What is the one thing you have done at CFA that you never thought you would do?


What motivates you during a tough workout?

My faith in Jesus Christ. 100%. He calls out the best in me and he is the reason I commit to fitness. 

What's are your favorite things about CrossFit?

My favorite things about Crossfit are the lifestyle and community. The lifestyle demands commitment and the community keeps you accountable. We all have a very twisted definition of “fun.”  

What are your short term and long term goals?

My short term goal is to get a six pack. 

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit (before/after?)
I started Crossfit at a malnourished 110lbs while being completely addicted to sugar (it even got me in the hospital). I proud to announce that I currently weigh 132lbs and have learned to eat a balanced, nutritious, and consistent diet.

Do you have any advice for people just getting started at CFA? 

We all had to start somewhere, right? Will your first class be intimidating…? YES! But do not be discouraged by the success of others. You will be in good company. You must know that every movement is scalable. Your pride will tell you to go all out, but wisdom will shout at you to take it slow. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way by testing your own limits. Crossfit is about getting to know who you truly are. All you have to do is show up, and try not to throw up. Do not let FEAR of failure rule your life. Everyone feels fear, it’s how you respond to it that matters. 


Quick Questions

Favorite Cheat Meal: Cookies

Favorite Musician: Skillet

Favorite Sports Team: Whitecaps

Favorite Tv Show: Fixer Upper

Favorite CrossFit Athlete (if any) Rich Froning

Coach's comment:

Without a doubt Leah has been one of our most consistent members over the past 1.5 -2 years. She puts more passion than the average person into everything she does. She has also probably told more people about CrossFit than she can even count or remember. Even in the early mornings she is usually fired up and ready to get a jump start on the day. Since starting CrossFit she has competed in all our events and every single part of her fitness has improved greatly. She still has things she is trying to get better at and you can see her working on them after the class some days. We look forward to seeing Leah continue to improve with CrossFit and keep chipping away towards her goals!

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