60+ CrossFit (LiveFit)

Starting in January, 2019!
We are super excited to offer this class and extend the benefits of CrossFit to anyone who is 60 or older and looking to improve their health and wellness. As we know playing with your grandkids, going up and down stairs, getting up and down all get harder as we age and we are hoping to make these daily activites a bit easier.


The goal of LiveFit will be to improve quality of life and movement outside of the gym by incorporating functional movements (such as pulling, pushing, standing, lifting, squatting) and mobility/stretching into a fun and encouraging 45 minute class. This class will always be designed and instructed by one of our CrossFit Allendale coaches.


All included exercises will be 100% modifiable depending on age, fitness level, previous injuries, etc. We will not be focused on intensity but rather quality movements and working within our limits.


There have numerous studies indicating that exercise and light weightlifting for seniors can:

  • Maintain Muscle
  • Increase bone density
  • Preserve mobility
  • Improve mood and increase energy
​Check out all the benefits here!

Just because you're not as young as you used to be doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to do the things you want. Exercise does a lot for us as we get older.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why LiveFit?

Being consistent with this class will help improve your daily life in more ways than you can imagine. Working out with others  also creates a friendly and uplifting atmosphere.

What about injuries?

All of the movements in this class and CrossFit in general can be modified depending on previous injuries or limitations. Our coaches are well trained in altering movements and workouts based on individual needs.



This class will start off meeting twice a week on Monday and Wednesdays from 8:45-9:30am.

What's included and cost?

This class will include two instructor led sessions per week, with workouts and movements modified to individual needs. All while working out in a fun and uplifting atmosphere. Plus we will even provide the coffee!

Monthly rate will be $125 for 2x visits per week. Limited to 10 people or less.
For more information or to get started with LiveFit contact us here!



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