Member of the Month
  • Dave Valko

    Dave is well deserving for member of the month. Not only does he stay consistent in the gym but he also sets goals and continues to work towards them each day. After over a little more than a year at CFA, Dave has hit o...

    September 2017   / read more
  • Christine Hill

    We pick our member of the month based upon consistency, hard work and improvement. Christine shows all of these on a weekly basis. She rarely ever misses a day of CrossFit and really gives it her all every single day. Since starting with us she has improved every element of her fitness such as becoming a better and faster runner and much stronger. Plus, she has gotten her first rope climb and b...

    August 2017   / read more
  • Mary Swenson

    Mary is the perfect example of how CrossFit can have such an impact on somebody’s life within a few months, not only physically but also mentally. When she first came into the gym she had a very limited knowledge of CrossFit and all the different exercises that we include and she will admit it herself she was a bit timid and overwhelmed by it. Fast forward 8 months and now everything is s...

    July 2017   / read more
  • Hillary Boersma

    Hillary is one of those people who we really enjoy to work with. You will never hear her complain, she will embrace the suck and give it everything she has got. Since starting CrossFit, Hillary has made incredible progress in all elements of fitness. She has gotten stronger and faster while improving gymnastic abilit...

    June 2017   / read more
  • Anna and Blake

    Anna & Blake are well deserving for May’s member(s) of the month. Due to the fact that they will both be moving at the end of summer, we decided to have them share this month. They have both been great additions to our CFA family. From the day th...

    May 2017   / read more
  • Brookelyn Vanderlaan

    It is crazy to think that Brookelyn has been with us basically since we started in 2014, although the first year she was not the most consistent but she kept coming back! Since fully committing herself we have a seen a huge change in her, not only physically but mentally as well. She has gotten plenty stronger and been able to start doing things that she never thought she would be able to do. W...

    April 2017   / read more
  • James Farmer

    James is very deserving for March's Member of the Month. When he started at CFA last summer he could barely do an air squat. Now he is back squatting triple digits perfectly. We have seen a huge boost in confidence ...

    March 2017   / read more
  • Brett Pothoof

    Brett is well deserving for February's member of the month. He has been a consistent part of our 5:45am group for over a year and always comes in ready to work hard. Since starting crossfit he has become pro at rope climbs, kippin...

    January 2017   / read more
  • Lori Grasman

    Since starting CrossFit in January 2016, Lori has been constantly improving in all areas of her fitness. She always shows up ready to work hard and give it all she has got no matter what the WOD is. After finishing Couch 2 CF she really fit in well with our normal classes and now is a regular at our 4pm class. Since starting Lori has lost 25 pounds, her strength has gone up dramatically and she...

    January 2017   / read more
  • Melinda Vereeke

    Melinda is well deserving of December’s member of the month. She is a regular at 5:45am and always has a big smile on her face with a positive attitude when she walks in the door. She has been a great addi...

    November 2016   / read more

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