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Member of the Month

Deb Steele

Start Date: April 2018.

Most people are still sleeping at 5am. Not Deb. Take for example this morning, October 30th. It was 34 degrees and we had our garage door wide open. Deb was doing our bootcamp class in cold right on the edge of being outside in the darkness. No excuses or complaining, just her John Deere mask and her hard work.


Quite honestly Deb is very overdue for Member of the Month. She is one of the most consistent and dedicated members we have. Although there are some movements she is not able to do (yet) she always finds a way to modify and keep moving. She says CrossFit has been a staple of her PT and treatment process and really that makes us so proud.


Deb really is the heart and soul of this gym. No matter what is going on in your life, you can control what you can control, and your movement and exercise is one of them. Keep up the hard work Deb, you are a badass!


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