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AJ Anderson

Start Date: May 2016.

AJ is truly one of the hardest working members at CFA. He shows up every day ready to push himself to the limit regardless of what the WOD is. His background story is also something very amazing. In high school he was a very strong power lifter with his deadlift and back squat well over 500LBS. Following high school he struggled with weight gain and eventually found himself over 400lbs. Knowing that he wanted to join the military he began his journey to get back down to a lower weight. He had lost about 140 pounds on his own before starting CrossFit and now has continued to lose an additional 30 pounds. His drive and determination are really inspiring and you can see it through his work ethic. Since starting CrossFit he has become a much better runner along with improving his strength numbers. He did very well on our 5K challenge run and has been steadily improving on everything else. In the future we would like to see AJ continues to improve his fitness with CrossFit and makes it into the Military!! Keep up the hard work AJ!

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