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Brookelyn Vanderlaan

Start Date: April 2014.

It is crazy to think that Brookelyn has been with us basically since we started in 2014, although the first year she was not the most consistent but she kept coming back! Since fully committing herself we have a seen a huge change in her, not only physically but mentally as well. She has gotten plenty stronger and been able to start doing things that she never thought she would be able to do. When starting Brookelyn was terrified of attempting to kick up on to the wall for a handstand. Now after lots of practice and determination she has gotten herself up on the wall plenty of times and started working towards a handstand pushup! She has also joined in on our past three in-house competitions, the 2017 open and helped out with our 5K! Plus she really really loves to play dodgeball for the warm-up. We are excited to see Brookelyn continue on her fitness journey in the future and keep up the hard work!

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