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Ted Rossman

Start Date: October, 2017

Ted has come a long way in the past year. To be honest we don’t even remember where he came from, he just showed up one day, signed up for three months and has been crushing it every since. He would like to tell you that he sucks at everything but in reality he can do about 25 unbroken pull-ups, bench 220# and run a sub 5:50 mile at 45 years old. Now if that's not impressive we don’t know what is. If the workout is a long hero wod, we are quick to suggest Ted throw on the vest to slow him down. Not to mention, he did Murph twice in the span of three days and beat his first time by over a minute!! We like to give him a hard time about his flexibility but it is way better than it used to be. When he is not passed out on the ground after a workout he can be found cheering on others who have yet to finish and that is the true CrossFit spirit. We are lucky to have Ted at CFA and we are really glad he showed up that one day.

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