In order to become a member at CrossFit Allendale (CFA) one must first take our Basic Elements Beginners Course. If you have prior CrossFit experience you may be able to skip this course. For more information on Basic Elements see here.


Programming – Each class is designed ahead of time by our CrossFit certified coaches. Each class includes a warm-up, mobility work, strength or skill practice and a high intensity WOD. Simply just show up and get your workout done!

Coaching – Benefits of personal training in a small group setting. The coach is there to teach any skills necessary, answer any questions, tailor movements appropriately to your needs and make sure your technique is safe and efficient. 

Community – There is a sense of comradery that comes with doing a tough workout with other people. You will push yourself harder when you are in the presence of others while they keep you motivated and cheer you on. All of the members are a support system and encourage you to reach your fitness goals. 

To get started with your CrossFit journey please fill out the membership info form below:


Monthly Rates
Visits Per Week Individual Teacher/Law/Military  2 Person
Unlimited $155 $140 $260
5 classes $145 $130 $250
4 classes $135 $120 $240
3 classes $125 $110 $230
2 classes $110 $95 $200
Full time student: $100/month Unlimited (Must show ID)
Paid in Full - 3 Months (10% Discount)/6 Months (20% Discount) 
Visits per week Individual Teacher/Law/Military 2 Person
Unlimited $415/$745 $390/$695 $700/$1,250
5 classes $390/$695 $365/$645 $675/$1,200
4 classes $365/$645 $340/$595 $650/$1,150
3 classes $340/$595 $315/$545 $600/$1,100
2 classes $295/$530 $255/$455 $540/$960
*Full time student: $285/$540 Unlimited

Can’t make it at least 2 times per week? We have a 10 visit punch-card for $130. Expires after 3 months.

Group classes not your thing? We also offer one-on-one personal training. Please contact us for available times and prices.


We’ve heard it before, that much for a gym membership? We provide much more value than a traditional gym and our members will agree it’s worth every penny. We see fitness as an investment in yourself and you get out exactly what you put in.

We are much more than your $10 gym down the street. Globo gyms who are banking on people who pay their monthly membership each month but never show up. Sure, what's ten measly bucks when that cozy bed is wanting to hold you for a little while longer early in the morning? But that's not what CrossFit Allendale is about!

We WANT you here! We WANT you committed and to get results!  We are dedicated and hands on with you and your personal fitness goals rather than just leaving you to fend for yourself in a gym full of equipment like a standard gym. We care about you and your fitness goals and offer a variety of ways to help you improve your all-around health and fitness. If you give us a shot, you will see the true value of the services we offer!


**Fine Print**

*We would not want to be locked into a contract therefore we do not have a contract or forced long-term commitment with our memberships. We want our members to workout with us because they enjoy us and want to be there not because they are locked in. 

**Our monthly memberships run on automatic subscriptions to focus on your fitness and not tracking down payments. Subscriptions will be set-up for 1st of the Month, if you start in the middle of the month that month will be prorated. Memberships may be cancelled at any time with at least a 7 day notice. 

***After a payment is made (whether subscription or not) we do not offer refunds.

Drop in, Say Hi

(810) 241-2703

5241 Edgeway Dr. Suite F

Allendale, MI 49424