**New for 2019!! 8 Week Bootcamp Challenge**

Now that the holidays are over it’s the perfect time to get back in shape. Our bootcamp classes are a great opportunity to burn some calories and have a great workout in only 30 minutes.

The 2019 challenge is going to run for 8 weeks from January 2nd-March 1st, 2019. The main goal will vary from person to person but losing weight, getting stronger/healthier or just reaching overall better shape will all be possible with consistency and hard work!

All participants must attend at least two bootcamp classes per week and have their first weigh-in during the first week of the challenge. Although not mandatory but nutritional guidance will be available upon request as well.


At the end of the challenge there will be prizes awarded for:
-Most consistent
-Most weight lost

-Biggest improvement


Cost for the challenge is $225. Limited to first 20 people. $60 for current bootcamp members.
Follow this link to sign-up.

CrossFit Allendale Bootcamp is a fun and effective program that delivers results for EVERYONE. The Bootcamp program is similar to our normal CrossFit classes but without the weight lifting. This 30 minute class will incorporate bodyweight movements, medicine balls, rowing, biking, kettlebells, and more into a calorie burning workout!
This program is great for people that just want to get in shape and have fun doing it. Your instructors will keep it fun and challenging and you will get the same group dynamic that you get in a CrossFit class. In general, you will find yourself surrounded by a supportive group of people, including someone who is in similar shape (No matter what shape you are in now). Bootcamp is for everyone, regardless of experience and fitness level.
Class is offered at 6:10pm Tues/Thurs and 5:10am Mon/Wed/Fri. Each class will last 30 minutes or less.
You may come to any class times that fit your schedule.  Drop-ins are welcome as well! 


Single Class: $12
Unlimited: $110/month
3 days/week: $100/month
2 days/week: $90/month
*Memberships must be on monthly prepaid subscription. Cancel anytime, no contracts.*

To find out more information about Bootcamp, please fill out a client intake form below!


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