Member of the Month
  • Tony Narvaiz

    Tony is one of those members who has hit it hard since the beginning. It’s always nice to see him...

    January 2019   / read more
  • Kevin Ahrens

    Kevin is well-deserving for December’s member of the month. He has been a part of CFA for over 4 years now, one of our original members. We appreciate his commitment to CFA over all of those years! Kevin has been able to power through any ...

    December 2018   / read more
  • Kayela Malewitz

    Kayela started with us earlier this year and has put in hard work ever since her first day. She has gained both strength and endurance. She is a regular at our 5:45am class and some days comes back at night to work on her weaknesses. Not on...

    November 2018   / read more
  • Ted Rossman

    Ted has come a long way in the past year. To be honest we don’t even remember where he came from, he just showed up one...

    October 2018   / read more
  • Jarror Herbig

    Jarrod has been one of our regulars at the 5:45am class for over a year now. He shows up every day ready to work hard no matter what the workout is. He has made huge gains in both his strength and endurance since sta...

    September 2018   / read more
  • Ryan Woodcox

    Ryan is much past due for CFA’s member of the month. He has come a long way from his start with us in November of 2016. He’s been one of our most consistent Bizstreamers & a regular at 7am. August 2018   / read more

  • Ashley Hresko

    Ashley is one of those people that it took some time for her to really drink the Kool-Aid. After her first 7am workout we did not see her back in the gym for at least a solid 4 months. Not sure what happened there but as soon as she came back for the second time she was ready to commit and hasn’t looked back since. During that time she has become one of our most consistent and enthusiasti...

    July 2018   / read more
  • Chris Steele

    Chris is one of those people who took some time to realize that CrossFit was right for him. After a tough bring a friend workout it took him a ...

    June 2018   / read more
  • Deb Zeinstra

    Deb and her husband Gary have both been super consistent since they started with us for Couch to CrossFit in Jan of 2017. I am not quite sure they knew what they were getting themselves into but have been ultra consistent with showing up and giving it their all ever sinc...

    May 2018   / read more
  • Paul Porras

    Paul has worked hard every day since starting with us and has earned his spot at April’s member of the month. He is the perfect example of what CrossFit is about. Not only has he gotten a lot more physically fit, he has also noted that he is happier ...

    April 2018   / read more

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