Member of the Month
  • Melissa Cruz Dyke

    Melissa is the first member of the month of 2020 and has earned her spot. She comes in every day ready to...

    January 2020   / read more
  • Ryan Szpak

    The amount of improvement, in both health and fitness, that Ryan has seen this pas...

    December 2019   / read more
  • Margaret Herman

    A few weeks ago during open gym I noticed Margaret just non-stop keep doing burpees pull-ups. Rep after r...

    November 2019   / read more
  • Tyler Pavliga

    Tyler is well deserving of October’s member of the month. He joined our CFA family around August 20...

    October 2019   / read more
  • Stay Biedron

    Stacy was one of the people who just showed up one day and has been with us ever since. She said it too...

    September 2019   / read more
  • Trever Slater

    First off, both Trever and his wife Kari have been such great additions to CFA since they started with us last fall. Trever was already in pretty good shape before he started but CrossFit opened him up to some new movements and workouts that he has not been exposed to. Since last fall every part of his fitness has improved. He has gotten really good at gymnastic...

    August 2019   / read more
  • Jordan Whiteley

    Seeing how much Jordan has improved since he started CF has been truly impressive. We know how much he ...

    July 2019   / read more
  • Audrey Fortune

    Audrey is somebody that most people at CFA would not recognize because she is always at the gym bright and early. Since starting in January of 2018 she has been super consistent in her pursuit of fitness: not only has her cardio and gymnastics ...

    June 2019   / read more
  • Brian McKeiver

    Brian is past due for being member of the month & well deserving. Brian was one of the first people t...

    May 2019   / read more
  • Abbey Rogers

    Abbey has been a consistent member for over 2 years now & is well deserving for April’s member of the month spot. She comes to class every morning ready to give it her all with a smile on her face. She has gained a huge amount of stren...

    April 2019   / read more

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