Member of the Month
  • Chad Bradley

    Chad has been with us for awhile now and is definitely a staple at our 5:4...

    August 2021   / read more
  • Tanja Anderson

    Tanja is one of the staples of our early morning class. Her positive at...

    July 2021   / read more
  • David Bump

    Bump is one of those guys who just shows up day after day ready to work hard and be challenged. He is an all around ...

    June 2021   / read more
  • Markie Richardson

    Markie has been with us since last summer and she has been going strong nonstop ever since. It has been great to see her improve ...

    May 2021   / read more
  • Harry Singh

    Harry has been a great member and has made significant improvements to his health since starting with us. Not only is he super friendly but he is also super strong. He always finds time to make it for a class even with his busy work schedule and his presence always makes a class more fun. Since starting back after quaratine Harry has lost over 40 pounds and also PR'd all his squats, deadlif...

    April 2021   / read more
  • Kari Slater

    Kari has been well deserving of member of the month for quite some time now. She shows up consistently at 545am ready to get a sweat in. Since starting CF she has improved her running, gotten much stronger and made some friends along the way!!...

    March 2021   / read more
  • Jay Altman

    Big Jay has been ready to work hard since the first day he walked into our doors last June. He has made tremendous gains includin...

    February 2021   / read more
  • Kaitlin Murphy

    Kaitlin has been a consistent member with us for a few years now and has earned her place as February’s member of the month. She comes in each day ready to do whatever that whiteboard calls for as well as to spend some quality time with the g...

    January 2021   / read more
  • Ashlin Aiken

    Ashlin has earned her place as December’s member of the month. She comes to the gym every day ready...

    November 2020   / read more
  • Deb Steele

    Most people are still sleeping at 5am. Not Deb. Take for example this ...

    October 2020   / read more

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