Aalyah Hill

Member of the Month: Aalyah Hill


Aalyah Hill 




Muskegon, MI.

Member Since:

Started in 2016 for awhile, came back in 2019.


What was your athletic background, if any?

Gymnastics and competitive cheerleading.

What do you do when you're not at CFA?

I spend most of my time with my 2.5 year old Silas and husband Cameron. We like to go for walks, and watch movies. I work at Spectrum Health in the Neuro ICU as a Nurse Technician.

When did you realize that CrossFit is right for you?

When I wanted to come back in 2019 after having my son. I missed the WODs and the people.

Do you remember your first WOD?

I remember one of my first WODs, there were a lot of lunges while holding a wallball over head.

What movement do you despise over everything and why? 

Running, because I’m not very fast. But, I have gotten faster since starting CrossFit

and Pullups.

What has been your all-time favorite moment at CFA?  

Any type of clean.

What motivates you during a tough workout?

Knowing how accomplished I’ll feel once I’m done. 


What are your goals going forward and what do you think will help you achieve them? 

Being able to do a pull without a band. I need to practice them more often.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness or just day to day life since starting CrossFit (before/after?) 

My mental health has improved so much since starting at CFA. I’m stronger, I continue to hit new PRs. I really noticed that I was in better cardio shape when I had to perform CPR on a patient at work and I was able to do compressions for 15 minutes straight. 


What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out with CrossFit or is too afraid to try it? 

It’s OK to scale the weight or the reps down. Do the best that you can do and keep moving, the fact that you are here, working out, giving it your all is what’s important. Always give it your all and you will succeed.

If you could have one skill or characteristic of another member at CFA what and from whom would it be? Or which other CFA member are you the most motivated by? 

Lori G, I would love to be able to love burpees and be as quick at them as she is! I’m always motivated by my husband Cameron and my mother-in-law Christine.

Quick Questions

Favorite Cheat Meal: Chinese food and cookies


Favorite workout song: Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G


Favorite place you have traveled: Denver, Colorado 

Favorite Tv Show: Parks and Rec


Favorite CrossFit Athlete (if any): Sara Sigmundsdottir and Chandler Smith

Coach's comment:

Aalyah has been consistent with CrossFit for just over a year now. She is extremely busy being a mom, wife, student, and working yet she still comes to the gym as often as she can. It is great to see Aalyah make time to better herself inside of her busy schedule. She comes every time ready to put in work. Aalyah has gained an immense amount of strength since starting with us and proves that she is a kick ass, strong woman each and every day. She is well deserving of July’s member of the month. Keep up the hard work, Aalyah!

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