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October, 2017


What was your athletic background, if any?

I played football from 6th to 12 grades, ran track and played basketball in junior high, tennis in high school, and I have done some running on my own since school.

What do you do when you're not at CFA?

I play the guitar (poorly…). I run pass routes for my 8 year old, aspiring quarterback.  I remodel/repair/restore houses and build cabinets. I have a rusty Fiat convertible that I tinker with.  I shuttle my children all over God’s creation. I am enthusiastic about English grammar. Yes, I’m silently correcting your grammar while you talk…  I’m nice about it though.

When did you realize that CrossFit is right for you?

About 4 weeks into it, I stopped asking myself why I was paying for this.  It hurt. I started to notice my thinking changed from “How long before I have to come back?” to “How long before I can come back?”  It has become a full-blown addiction.  If my decrepit, old body could handle doing this 7 days a week, I would.

Do you remember your first WOD?

It had something to do with wallballs, but the real emotional scarring came with the WOD called “Deck of Cards” that happened early last winter.  I was the sacrificial lamb that gave everybody a nice long breather between cards. It was my introduction to the thruster. I remember actually dropping the bar and falling on my back in the middle of one of the sets.  It was not my proudest moment.

What is your favorite or least favorite WOD/movement?

I love cleans, pull-ups, running, push-ups, squats, rope climbs, etc.  Longer WODs are considerably easier than the short sprints.

I believe the devil put thrusters on this earth.  Interrogators should use them as torture devices. The bad guys would admit to anything.  If there were a list of things that would make me cry, #1 would be the word “thrusters” on the board.  I do not like them.

What is the one thing you have done at CFA that you never thought you would do?

Pull-ups and rope climbs.  When I started in October, I don’t think I could do a single pull-up and I was terrified of the rope.  They have become two of my favorite things to see on the board when I walk in.

What motivates you during a tough workout?

Rep #40.  My brother died of cancer when he was 18.  He was a phenomenal athlete and an even greater human being, and he always wore #40.  It has become our family number and is always in the front of my mind when my body starts to crap out.  If I can make it to rep number 40, the rest is all downhill. Any combination of 4 and 0 is important for me.  

What's are your favorite things about CrossFit?

There isn’t enough room on this document to answer this, but here’s the short version.  I have tried the strip mall fitness clubs, but I don’t know what I’m doing. The people doing curls in front of the mirror make me nauseous.  It isn’t a competition here. There’s no judgement. There hasn’t been a WOD yet that I have quit on, and I believe it’s because of all of the people around me working just as hard as I am - even if it sucks.  The post-WOD fist bumps (don’t give me a high-5, because I sweat profusely…) make you forget the pain you just endured. Our coaches push you to improve - sometimes gently, sometimes otherwise (i.e. - “Nice job Ted, but next time try to not use the girl’s bar.” and “That wasn’t a snatch.  That was the Charleston.” and taking pictures of you when you’re too wiped out to fight back, etc.) There are so many reasons people love this place.

What are your short term and long term goals?

Short term - break the 200# barrier on the clean / run a sub 5.30 mile /  learn how to do butterfly pull-ups / do a ring muscle up

Long term - trade my chicken legs in for a set of real, human legs / get more numbers on my board that are three digits long and start with a “2” / improve my eating habits.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit (before/after)?

Each WOD is like a catharsis after a day of work.  If I walk in with a tension headache, it’s gone when I leave.  I sit straighter and walk taller. I run better, longer routes for my 8 year old quarterback.  I crave the workout. My shirts smell considerably worse than they used to. Most of them should be burned.

Do you have any advice for people just getting started at CFA?

Don’t look around and compare yourself to those who are flying through a WOD.  You’ll get there. Give it time. Get a spot on one of the boards and be religious about keeping track of your numbers.  Update them regularly and try to beat them when you can. I love erasing a number and replacing it with something better.  Never skip a WOD because of a movement you don’t like. Even if it’s thrusters. Stick around when you’re done and cheer on those who are still finishing.  It makes a difference for them/us.

Quick Questions

Favorite Cheat Meal: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’m not very good about nutrition.

Favorite Musician: I have a lot of them depending on mood.  My go-to bands are Joy Division, New Order, the Smiths, the Cure and the Chameleons.  Pretty much anything from the 80’s will make me dance. Prince was a gift from heaven.

In the gym:

The moped song.  It always makes me laugh in the middle of the WOD.  I usually lose track of my count when he tells her to mow the lawn.

Favorite Sports Team:

#1 - Any team my kids are playing for (Coopersville)

#2 - the Pittsburgh Steelers.  

Favorite Tv Show:  

I don’t know anything about TV.  I’m kind of ignorant here, but if we’re talking movies, it would have to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  I’ve seen it at least 100 times and it never gets old. I’m watching it right now.

Favorite CrossFit Athlete (if any):

Emily Skinner - 5.45 AM class.  I’ve known her since she was born (she’s my sister), and she is 105 pounds of sheer grit.  Her numbers might not be the highest on the boards, but as far as mental toughness is concerned, she has no equal.  I couldn’t be luckier as a brother!

Coach's comment:

Ted has come a long way in the past year. To be honest we don’t even remember where he came from, he just showed up one day, signed up for three months and has been crushing it every since. He would like to tell you that he sucks at everything but in reality he can do about 25 unbroken pull-ups, bench 220# and run a sub 5:50 mile at 45 years old. Now if that's not impressive we don’t know what is. If the workout is a long hero wod, we are quick to suggest Ted throw on the vest to slow him down. Not to mention, he did Murph twice in the span of three days and beat his first time by over a minute!! We like to give him a hard time about his flexibility but it is way better than it used to be. When he is not passed out on the ground after a workout he can be found cheering on others who have yet to finish and that is the true CrossFit spirit. We are lucky to have Ted at CFA and we are really glad he showed up that one day.

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